TreeGUI - Directory Indexer 2.9 for Windows 2000/XP/Server 2003/Vista

TreeGUI is a Directory Indexer for HTTP/FTP Servers. The purpose of indexing is to provide a list of files to the user that the Server is hosting. Indexing is important for both user and server owner. Users can find the files faster searhing the index file. With the presence of an index file, users do not need to browse the whole server looking for a file; they can download the index file and perform a search locally. This reduces server traffic and thus benefits the Server owner. Unlike other indexers, TreeGUI includes a Windows Service to configure and forget. Other features are: Scheduling according to date/time or running at a given time interval. TreeGUI’s other unique feature is the option to ZIP large index files. TreeGUI was designed as an alternative to Phuzz Indexer which seems to have ceased developement.

TreeGUI 2.9 Main

Sample Index Files

MP3 - local browse || FLAC - folders collapsed || FLAC - text version


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